In many ways, Hispanic social media marketing epitomizes what the web is about: collaborating and sharing content, ideas and information from the Hispanic consumers or to the Hispanic community. Social Media can be an excellent place to reach Hispanic and non-Hispanic prospects because we can usually target very accurately based on user-provided demographic information.
Wanna be found will create your profile as well as maintain it on a monthly retainer.

We will also create the content as well as blogs for your company and walk your step-by-step in creating a social media strategy. We will analyze your data, set objectives and create an action plan that works.

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According to Facebook IQ, Facebook is the number 1 go-to platform for US Hispanics’ communication and 71% of respondents use Facebook to connect with loved ones every day. Nearly half (48%) of US Hispanics’ Facebook friends are family members, compared to 36% for the total population, 


According to Statista, the results of a 2014 survey show that 17.7 percent of Hispanic consumers use YouTube to help with local shopping, as compared to 10.3 percent of non-Hispanic consumers.


According to the Pew Research Center, Twitter has a more equal distribution of use among racial and ethnic groups. About one-in-four Hispanics and blacks use the site, along with 21% of whites.


The photo-sharing site is more popular among Hispanic and black internet users than among white internet users. About one-third (34%) of online Hispanics use Instagram, as do 38% of blacks. By comparison, only 21% of whites use the network.


LinkedIn differs in that about equal shares of whites (29%) and blacks (28%) use the site, compared with 18% of Hispanics.


The social media site Pinterest is more popular among white internet users than among other groups. About one-third (32%) of whites use Pinterest, compared with 21% of Hispanics and just 12% of blacks.