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We can analyze, evaluate and transform your business in order to improve organizational effectiveness, expand the business, and increase profits. We focus on the Hispanic market as well as the non-Hispanic market.

about wanna be found.

Who we are

Wanna Be Found is a Hispanic digital agency with full-service bilingual capabilities.  It was founded in 2009 with a deep passion of helping Hispanic small businesses succeed.  With this knowledge, we learned a lot about the Hispanic consumer and business that we know how to attract the Hispanic community effectively for your business.  We will develop the right marketing campaigns that can take your business to the next level. No matter your industry, product or service, we provide the strategy, guidance, and execution that your business needs to grow.

What we do

We can help your organization identify its business problems and construct an effective and measurable strategic plan of action for solving these problems. We can focus on all areas of digital marketing based on your overarching goals of the company and carefully create strategies on search engine marketing, social media exposure, updated website design and content, email marketing to help you connect with Hispanics.  We focus all of this on your business plan and if you don't have one we can certainly create it for you.

Why us?

We speak the language and we know the Hispanic community as well as the culture. We also have the business knowledge and can look at your organization and we will work together to determine your goals, develop a strategic plan and then work with you to create a way to help you measure success. We are able to attract Hispanics better than any other local consulting firm. We are passionate about helping our clients grow; We believe transparency is the right way to do business.


think, create, engage, optimize

research and strategy

We write Business Plans which forces you to review everything at once: your value proposition, marketing assumptions, operations plan, financial plan and staffing plan. It also serves as a tool to understand your business better. With this information we can craft the best business strategy.


We build responsive websites that adapt to different devices keeping the user experience (UX) in mind. A website needs to be reliable, functional and convenient as well as enjoyable to use and an experience worth sharing. We also focus on branding and will refresh your logo if needed.

online advertising

Through different display ads on websites, on search engine results pages, in emails and on social networks including PPC, we can help you increase sales, improve brand awareness and raise share of voice in the marketplace. Search Engine Optimization plays a big role here. We will optimize your content so you can achieve the highest possible ranking.

social media

The realm of social media is about collaborating, creating content, sharing and, most of all, connecting.  We can help you form and maintain online social networks to brand and reach out to customers in a meaningful way.

Hispanic engagement

We know how to reach out and engage the Hispanic community because we know and understand the Hispanic Culture.  We translate and transcribe your literature depending on the need.

other services

We will be able to accommodate to your needs.  Even help you in many other ways like coordinating events, streamlining your processes or even notary services. We are here to help you so your company can strive and grow.


what people say about us

Adriana has been handling our website from the very first day we started our business, which was back in 2009. Throughout the years, Adriana has been creative, efficient and very knowledgeable. Our business has been successful mainly because our website is unique thanks to Wanna Be Found. We highly recommend Adriana and plan to continue our business relationship for many years to come.

Adriana really took the time to understand our business and its uniqueness and put it into a clean and beautiful website. We really appreciate the time she dedicated to helping our company move forward.